The Reason

There’s a reason why I don’t have many photos this time of year — actually a couple of them.  For one, it’s still fairly dark for most of the morning ride and the little pocket camera’s automatic exposure setting doesn’t handle that very well unless nothing is moving.  The other reason, however, is related more to the racing cycle than the diurnal one.  The average intensity of the training rides increases, sometimes rather erratically, this time of year. This morning was a case in point.  It w Continue reading “The Reason”

Winter to Summer

It was a strange week for riding.  Every day was some combination of cold, wet and windy, and it basically resulted in some shorter than normal rides.  Fortunately the weekend’s forecast was looking better.  It was still pretty chilly Saturday morning when I headed out to meet the Giro wearing knee-warmers, arm-warmers, and a vest.  I knew I’d be hot later, but I really didn’t want to start the weekend off cold.  A number of riders were absent for the Giro because of the Sunny South criterium ov Continue reading “Winter to Summer”

Damned Cold

After last weekend’s nice weather and even nicer rides, I forced myself out the door Monday morning on a much colder and brutally windy day. I didn’t want to lose the momentum from the prior week’s training, and although an easy recovery day was clearly needed, it turned into a slow and painful little ride all alone up on the levee. By the next morning I was already starting to feel a sore throat coming on and since the weather had gotten even colder I decided to skip Tuesday morning.  It was Continue reading “Damned Cold”

Team Kits and Group Rides

I was already looking forward to the weekend when I got the email.  The 2013 team kits had arrived and Mignon was taking the first stab at distribution that evening at Starbucks.  Not wanting to be caught wearing the “old” kit over the weekend, I headed over there at 7 pm to pick up my two jerseys, shorts and pair of gloves.  I was a little surprised that they had actually arrived on time as promised.  Over the years I’m become accustomed to taking jersey manufacturers’ promised delivery times w Continue reading “Team Kits and Group Rides”

Wednesday Double

Not quite keeping my head above water lately, I threw a little more gasoline on the fire Wednesday by adding the 6 pm Wednesday Night Worlds on top of my usual morning ride.  The weather was beautiful as I rode home from work, but a stiff wind was telling me that my first lakefront training race of the year would not be as accommodating as I’d have liked.  A quick change of clothes at home and I was out the door a few minutes after 5:30, figuring I’d probably miss the start.  That was fine with Continue reading “Wednesday Double”

Conference and Collegiate

It was still early in the week when I realized it was going to get complicated.  I was on call for Jury Duty all week, I was signed up for a conference downtown all day Thursday and most of Friday, and I had to get to Baton Rouge by Friday evening to start officiating for their weekend collegiate race.  The Daughter was scheduled to be in town Thursday through Monday.  One bit of luck came on Wednesday when I found out that I was released from Jury Duty for the remainder of the week.  The bigges Continue reading “Conference and Collegiate”

A Rough Rouge

This was an unusual Rouge-Robaix for me.  Rather than rushing up to St. Francisville in the wee hours of Sunday morning on the first day of Daylight Savings Time, I instead got to go up with the Tulane team, courtesy of one of their sponsors, on Saturday.  After first getting completely off track following the mapping software’s directions to the Greenwood Plantation, we switched to plan B and headed back to St. Francisville to pick up our packets, eventually meeting the rest of the group at The Continue reading “A Rough Rouge”